About Isla Mujeres
Just off the coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres offers visitors a slower pace of island life, natural beauty and an intimate view of the island culture. This small island, (roughly 4.3 miles by ½ mile) is a short ferry ride from the mainland port of Puerto Juárez on the Yucatan Peninsula.

No stoplights or multi-lane roads, folks travel by golf carts, motor scooters and taxi cabs. Sandy beaches and rugged shorelines ring the island.  

The rural island culture prevails, you’ll find exceptionally friendly folks on Isla who greet you with “Hola” and a smile. Brightly colored buildings house shops and restaurants, the fishing fleet is lined up on the beaches and uniformed children attend the local schools. This is a place where traditions continue.

If you are seeking an intimate vacation experience, look no further than Isla Mujeres.

For comprehensive information about the island please visit.  Isla Mujeres Net

Photos by Phyllis Motsko
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